Sunday, 16 February 2014


Needless to say I am dying to get back into my pre-pregnancy body. But with having my very difficult and immobilised pregnancy and then some post-pregnancy challenges, my fitness return is not what I hoped for. Also, my knowledge of post-pregnancy fitness and diet isn't extensive which makes it harder to adapt to my lifestyle. I admit I've become a little bit lazy as well. Not in what I do with my time but more with what I put in my mouth. The time I used to spend on myself either working out or cooking is now the time I spend with my little one. I just need to find a balance and plan my time better at the same time as I'm prepared for the interruptions. 

I started looking to other mommies for inspiration, those who gained some weight during pregnancy and then have lost it, and I found some nice pics on my random google search.

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