Tuesday, 11 February 2014


Yep, return of the Mammoth... At least that's what it feels like right now. It's gone 6 months since I delivered my son into this world and it was a tough start. Before then I had a really tough pregnancy where I was taken to the hospital in week 15 for a few days and forbidden any kind of training. Around week 20 I could barely walk because heavy contractions set in. At some point during my pregnancy I was completely bed-ridden. All in prevention of my baby being delivered too early. He still came too early but he held off until week 34 which made a huge difference. Needless to say my body has taken a beating the last year. I went from teaching 6 fitness classes a week at the gym and running with the dog in the mornings to... NOTHING! I am so weak and my muscles are non-existing it feels like. I used to be so strong and didn't believe anything was impossible. But now, I'm having to eat my own harsh words of reality. Being a first time mom there's a lot of things happening in my body. Because I'm still breastfeeding, the hormones are still surging through my body in order to provide adequate food for my little boy. The hormones are also keeping my bones soft and it took a good while before I could even walk fast again. Everything is improving slowly, day by day, but me being used to manipulate my body to what I want and demand, it's a harsh reality to face that I am no longer in command of my own body. 

And so my story begins of finding my way back to my fitness body...

This morning, it hit me that mini J came to this world 6 moths ago and I'm still not back in shape. I teach 2 classes at the gym at the moment, BodyPump and IndoorWalking, and I love it. But it's a pain to look myself in the mirror and not recognising who I have become. It's a lot softer and squishier Jax, both physically and mentally. And I miss the fresh-looking, bouncing of energy woman I once was. So I've had it! Although I'm exhausted from not being able to sleep through the night as the little mister wants to nurse about 3-5 times per night, and that's only between midnight to about 8 o'clock, I have decided to start working out at home to my favourite trainer, Jillian Michaels. And today was Day 1 of her Body Revolution program. I was already sore from my BodyPump class last night but now I'm even more sore. What's good is that the workouts are short. Only about 30 minutes, which is great for a mother like myself who is trying to squeeze in too much during the days at home with the baby. It felt so good after the workout and I really liked it. It wasn't too bouncy or jumpy which suits me good as I'm still a bit fragile when it comes to plyometric moves. I love working out in the mornings and hopefully this will be the start and come back of a great habit.
In the afternoon I took the dog and the baby in the pram for a long walk and ended up clocking 6,7 km. Yup, my legs are sore now. Haha! I'll see how sore I am tomorrow and if I'll be able to do workout 2 or not. I need to plan the workouts a bit since I have my own gym classes to be fit for as well. 
All in all, a good first day of my own Body Revolution. :)

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