Thursday, 3 January 2013


Finished making my almond milk today. After letting the whole almonds sit in the water overnight, I blended them up real good together wih the existing water. Have seen other recipes where they change the water and blend it in fresh water instead, but I didn't bother as I feel it's a pity to waste precious water with almond goodness extracted into it.

After blending the almonds and the water for several minutes, I separated the almond pulp and the milk that was created from the blending through a cheese cloth attached onto a pan. See pic below. It look a bit of time to wait for it to drip through, but it was worth it. I finally extracted 600 ml of milk and used the leftover pulp to sit in a new batch of water to see if I can extract even more almond milk out of it.

The coffee today with my own homemade almond milk tasted looovely! I must say, it actually tasted nicer than the one bought in the store. Big success!  :)


  1. Åhhhh vad du är duktig!!! Kan tänka mig att det smakade gott. SKa jag också testa, men jag ringer nog dig då om hjälp ;-) Pöss <3

    1. You can ask me for help anytime my darling!! PUSS!! xx